Info for PackagingCon 2021

Welcome to PackagingCon 2021! We are super excited that this is finally happening.

For the platforms:

  • The video streams are on YouTube. Please check your emails for the link!
  • for chatting and Q&A during the talks. Please check your emails for the link!
  • for connecting in an interactive way and during the lightning talks. Again, please check your emails for the link.

If you have a ticket, but did not receive the info above, please email

Day 1, Tuesday November 9th

We will start on Tuesday at 16:00 UTC with a general session. The general session uses the same YouTube stream as Room 1!

  • Wolf will welcome everyone and say a couple of words about PackagingCon and how we are going and how the virutal conference is going to work
  • Todd Gamblin, Steven! Ragnarök and Matthias Meschede are going to talk about “The Taxonomy of Package Managers” – expect a fun talk about the history of package management and an overview of the different species of package managers out there

Then we will enjoy 4 hours of talks in the 4 rooms!

At 21:15 UTC we will reconvene on for lightning talks and networking.

Day 2, Wednesday November 10th

We will start on Wednesday at 16:00 UTC with a panel discussion. The panel session uses the same YouTube stream as Room 1 (please check your emails, the links will be different from day 1).

Then same program as on day 1: 4 hours of talks, and lightning talks afterwards.

Reporting CoC Violations

If you believe someone is violating the code of conduct, please report this in a timely manner. Code of conduct violations reduce the value of the community for everyone and we take them seriously.

You can make a personal report by:


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